22. Female. New York. Drugs. Cigarettes. Bisexual. Soft grunge.
Aries, moon in Cancer, Scorpio rising.

Anonymous said: Baby girl, you're beautiful please stop harming your body with all those drugs :( your killing your body. Please stop love u so much

Aw :( I’ll be ok. I love you more!

Anonymous said: You know you are going to get addicted to the needle and shooting heroin, right? No one is smarter than the drug... It's a common thought though. But hey, I understand that no not can convince you or tell you anything when one is in active addiction. Best of wishes to you. <3

K thanks. stfu now. No one asked for your opinion about my drug use.

Second time shooting a blue. I was so so nervous bc no one was with me. Judge me if you want, but idc bc right now I am in fucking ecstasy. 💙💉
Saturday, 2:31 am
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Let’s get this party started.
Fentanyl 4 100mcg patches Heroin 1g Ketamine 3.5g
Friday, 6:30 pm
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24 mg hydros, bars &amp; 8s.
Friday, 6:30 pm
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take me back, god.
Friday, 6:30 pm
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Hydrocodone tonight ;)
Friday, 6:30 pm
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Friday, 6:29 pm
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Friday, 6:28 pm
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30mg roxycodone &amp; two pink 10s thrown in

A 215
Friday, 6:28 pm
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Can’t sleep. But that’s ok ;) I don’t need that anyways… 

(60mg morphine + 30mg addy IR)
Friday, 6:27 pm
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"Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on”
Friday, 6:27 pm
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4 5/500mg and 2 7.5/500mg Vicodin,
Friday, 6:27 pm
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Taylor Swift
Friday, 6:26 pm
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Anonymous said: so if I have 2 of those Benadryl's with a oxycodone I'd be good?

You might fall asleep. Try one Benadryl with an oxy.