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Early morning 8s

"THEYRE HARD TO GET" YOU SAID HM??? hahah I waaaant
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☯☾ glow/dark/pale
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Love that color
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Anonymous said: I saw the other day you posted a photo of dilaudid. I stole some 8mg pills from my grandma when she recebtly passed away. I've never done opiates b4 so how much should i do?

If you’ve never done opiates, my first suggestion is don’t do it. Because once you do it, you’ll never wanna stop. And you’ll always crave more. But if you’ve fully decided you wanna do it, my advice would be to break the pill in half and take it orally since you have no opiate tolerance. 

Anonymous said: Ever tried heroin? Do you shoot up?

Yes. I snorted it. And no, never shot up. 

Selfie to the anon
Thursday, 10:23 pm
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Anonymous said: I'm asking you to post a photo of yourself ☺️

okie. I will in one minute :)

Anonymous said: when did you start doing drugs and what got u into them/?

I started smoking weed in early HS. I got into opiates when I was 18. My aunt was prescribed vicodin and then she got upped to percs. And she would share with me. And it grew from there. And then once I discovered roxi there was no going back. My love for opiates became real.

Anonymous said: holy cow! be careful!

Don’t worry, I have a very high tolerance, but thanks love. 

Anonymous said: wat are you high and drunk on?

A nice cocktail of xanax, kpins, percs, and beer. Lost count of how many mgs of bezos, i think around 3-4mg 

Ok so I’m drunk and high and I would really love some anon questions!! You can ask me absolutely anything you’d like. Please and thank you!!! :) :)
Love my followers!!

The sunset tonight!
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Drug blogs

Follow me and I’ll follow back. Especially if you post a lot of opiates. I need more drugs on my dash.


Wow these are shit :/ apparently I used a months supply (90 norco 10/325) um way to fast to fast. So 6 morphine 15 extended
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